Welcome to this Kalamazoo MI Wedding Officiant Home Page:


You’ve realized your dream. You’ve found the one you want to share the best of your life with.

If you need a minister or officiant for your wedding ceremony, we’re here to help. Reverend Johnson is fully qualified to perform the marriage ceremony or other pastoral duties in Kalamazoo and throughout Michigan.

Dreams really do come true here. Your journey started long ago. And now you’re ready to make the commitment to each other. Let your wedding be everything you’ve dreamed.

We are non-denominational, but are happy to oblige if you have a preference. We’re here for you. You let us know what you need – we help you get there.

Not sure what you need? Just schedule a ceremony review with us and we’ll work on it together with you. It’s all about you – and your needs.

Looking for advice? I can help you with that too. Sometimes we need to hear from someone other than our close friends and family. An impartial observer can help you with this monumental decision. There – I said it – Decision!

Marriage isn’t just about feelings. Marriage is a decision. A decision to share the best of your life with someone else. A decision based on more than feelings. No one can be completely satisfied with the behavior of another. It’s simple human nature. If someone doesn’t think like you, they’re likely thinking wrong (according to most humans). So know you won’t always agree. There will be rough spots. But if you’ve made a decision, the rough spots smooth over and the journey lasts a lifetime.

You must decide to share your life together. Feelings alone will not fuel your journey. But a decision can allow you to enjoy one another for the rest of your life – the best of your life.

Make it the best of your life by making marriage a decision. Talk with me if you need help making that decision. If you don’t talk with me, please talk with any impartial individual. Don’t make this decision alone. Don’t let someone else make it for you either. But you do need to hear from more than your heart. Please talk with someone whose opinion you respect before finalizing your decision.